Q & A

Is the product energy efficient, how does it save energy?

Energy efficiency is achieved by sensor measurements monitoring the air quality. According to these measurements the machine arranges the air exhaust in such a way that only the required amount of air volume is exchanged

Will there be sensors in every room?

No. The sensors are an integral part of TopAir and thus located on the roof. It is not necessary to install extra sensors anywhere in the house.

May the machine impair the room air quality?

No. The operation principle of ventilation will not change.

In contrast to conventional deaeration TopAir controls the air flow via smart sensors. This active air flow measurement ensures that the ventilation exchanges the air exactly at the necessary rate.

May the machine affect the houses air volume?

No. TopAir does not employ positive pressure ventilation. The air volumes of the house will still comply to what was originally planned.

The performance at half and full power of the machine will remain untouched.

What happens when I opt for TopAir?

1. Assess the power of the currently used fans on your house.

2. We supply TopAir machines corresponding to the fan-size assessment.

3. Installation, connection and adjustments will take place on the same day

4. Warranty for 24 months is included. Optionally a service agreement is offered, providing a warranty extension of another 36-month.

What is included in the warranty?

The 24-month warranty period includes standard features such as remote control, malfunction remediation, performance monitoring and statistical tracking.